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Our wonderful GPS: God’s Providential Sovereignty

I am a self-avowed map nerd. [Only recently have I admitted this to myself and others. :-)] I have always liked maps and all things geographic. So when GPS devices and phone apps such as [...]

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God’s Angels Are Everwhere

God's Angels Are Everywhere On the surface of things, it certainly seems as though Satan is lord of the earth, doesn't it? There are a half dozen major wars going on at any given time. [...]

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I’m Afraid My Life is Pointless

I'm Afraid That My Life Is Pointless When you were a kid, did you ever build sand castles? I did, and it was fun to watch my kids build them too. They invested many hours [...]

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God is not mad at you!

Many LGBT individuals have been told a lie that God does not accept them as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. We assure you that this is one of the greatest lies ever told straight from [...]

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