I am a self-avowed map nerd. [Only recently have I admitted this to myself and others. :-)] I have always liked maps and all things geographic. So when GPS devices and phone apps such as Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps came along I was pleasantly surprised! It changed how I travel.

Have you ever used a GPS or navigation app and noticed it takes you in some strange paths? Has it taken you one route today when it suggested another way yesterday? Do you find that frustrating? Or do you like learning of a new route you maybe never knew existed before? Do you enjoy going to a new city and letting navigation take you from point A to point B without the fear of taking a wrong turn? I do. Even if I take a wrong turn the system will gently put me back on the right path from where I am!

God has a GPS, you know. It is his (God’s) Providential Sovereignty. The prophet Isaiah wrote in Isaiah 30:21 (Amplified) “And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.”

Usually if you use a navigation tool the shortest route across town (covering the least miles) is rarely the best or fastest route. Navigation tools also now use real-time traffic patterns to suggest the fastest route for you. If traffic is badly congested on your usual route, the system will send you on a way less traveled which it sees is faster or better for you, sometimes even while you are en route. I thank God for this feature and have come to trust it more and more.

God has given us a GPS! Even in the form of two persons: Jesus and God’s Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “I AM the Way”. If you want the very best GPS at your disposal, I suggest Jesus. He did not say, “I will show you the way.” [That would be great in itself.] But he went even further to say that he IS the way. So if we abide in him and trust we will always arrive with success. Even though it currently seems like you are going on a backroads way or not the shortest way or it seems you may be even going through life in circles, in Jesus (God’s GPS, if you will) you are on the BEST most advantageous way, the most trustworthy, the most likely to succeed way.

God has unlimited power, knowledge and love. This is his providence and his sovereignty. So be grateful with Isaiah that we have access to the voice of the Lord. Didn’t Jesus say, “My sheep hear my voice?” (John 10:27) He knows our current events; God knows the current ‘traffic’ of societal ideas, thinking, mores, greed, violence and injustices. God is well aware of religious ‘traffic’ and human noise which threatens to slow down our progress or divert us on a side route with a wrong turn. Hear his voice. Tell him you are listening and ‘tuned in’ to his gentle navigation. He even gets us back on track if we have made a wrong turn without having to backtrack the way we came! [Just like your phone app.] Isn’t it great that if we take a wrong turn and mess up, we don’t have to do any backtracking. God directs us where we need to go FROM where you are today!

by: Minister Keith Hocker