Our Story

Jesus People Church of Asheville was birthed more than four years ago in 2011. It started as a monthly meet up group. Tom Cash and his husband Mike Zukoski had just relocated from California and felt a call to reach out to those wounded and disenfranchised from the church. The first meet up had zero people attend, leaving Tom with no people and four pizzas – the second meet-up however was much more successful with over seventeen in attendance.

After two years of monthly meet-ups they felt it was time to become official and Jesus People Church of Asheville was formed. The church has met in various locations including the gay nightclub called Scandals. They currently meet at a local venue called “East-West.” The church also holds an annual International conference called “Out to the Nations”.

Pastor Tom Cash is the Lead Pastor whose main background is in the Charismatic Movement. At the age of 21, Tom had a significant “born again” experience. Before moving to Asheville North Carolina he attended Glory Tabernacle Christian Center under the leadership of Sandra Turnbull. Upon arrival in Asheville he attended Abundant Grace Church in Granite Falls, North Carolina and was later ordained by Pastor David Thomas.